Our Story

Non-profit organizations are tasked with solving some of the nation’s biggest challenges, from poverty to domestic violence; food insecurity to substance abuse; animal cruelty to environmental protection. In a world of limited financial resources, and with growing demand for non-profit solutions, mission-driven organizations must do a whole lot with very little.

Tough funding constraints put non-profit organizations at a significant communications disadvantage. When mission-driven organizations stop investing in communication tools, we dampen our voices. This is an alarming trend given that what these organizations have to say is critical for society to hear.

LensCAAP empowers mission-driven organizations with creative, purposeful, and affordable video content. LensCAAP’s deep roots to our Community Action family and their community partners qualifies the video production team to tell an authentic story for mission-driven clients.

Hiring LensCAAP is an excellent bang for your buck. We deliver a bundle of videos with specific purposes that can be deployed in strategic ways throughout the year. The LensCAAP team helps our clients tell concise and compelling stories. In addition to telling authentic stories, a LensCAAP video generates a return-on-investment for our clients’ video purchase.

LensCAAP’s videos can support our clients in many ways, including:

  • Attracting and retaining donors, volunteers, and community partners
  • Increasing registration and attendance at future events
  • Connecting emotionally and intellectually with community leaders to establish credibility and strengthen bonds which create favorable funding and regulatory outcomes
  • Establishing a consistent, concise, and compelling message
  • Encouraging greater client engagement
  • Saving staff time

LensCAAP ensures that the power of storytelling is accessible for mission-driven organizations. Our videos “do” what mission-driven organizations need them to do at a price they can afford. It’s not just about giving our clients a video. We’re about helping our clients amplify the power of their story so that people care about their mission and the clients they serve.